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Ondergronds: Industrial Edition
Saturday, 26 October 2019

de Koornbeurs
Voldersgracht 1, Delft, Netherlands
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Entrance: Free!

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Circuito Cerrado - Stand and Fight
Memmaker - Energon³
Kiew - DCdisk (Rotersand Vintage Rework)
Frozen Plasma - Crazy
[:SITD:] - Grenzenlos
NOYCE™ - Fall[out]
Lights of Euphoria - Punto Omega (Lights Of Euphoria Mix)
Die Braut - Crucificado
FabrikC Widerstand
Phosgore - Dein Licht
Ophidian & Tapage - The Mine
Omkara Techichi - The Ultimate Heresy
The Peoples Republic of Europe - War Rig
Consumer Junk - Kickstart the fight
DJ KWOAD - No Good (DJ KWOAD Remix)
Reaper - The Sound Of Ids
Die Sektor - Prey to the Razor

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